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News: DOTD Standalone has been released, Check the server hub below for info! .
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Please keep in mind all of our staff team are unpaid volunteers who dedicate time to make the community a better place. ​

These rules strongly apply to all who hold staff positions.

1. As a staff member above Moderator you're no longer allowed to play using the account with access to admin tools. ​

2. If you create an alt account you must state so in the admin discord chat. Failure to do so will result in removal of staff. ​

3. Every item spawned in for comp must be posted in discord admin chat with following format Item: Amount: Reason: ​

NOTE: Every action our Staff uses is logged and checked daily to avoid any possibility of admin abuse. ​

4. If an admin is caught spawning items for illegitimate reasons their Main, alt account and ip will be banned permanently. ​

5. As a Staff member it is your duty to put at least 1/3 of your play time into managing the server. If you're not helping enough you'll be removed. ​

6. As a Staff member you're expected to maintain a respectful attitude even while playing on an alt account. ​