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News: DOTD Standalone has been released, Check the server hub below for info! .
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1. As a staff member above Moderator you're no longer allowed to play using the account with access to admin tools.
2. If you create an alt account you must state so in the admin discord chat. Failure to do so will result in removal of staff.
3. Every item spawned in for comp must be posted in discord admin chat with following format Item: Amount: Reason:
NOTE: Every action our Staff uses is logged and checked daily to avoid any possibility of admin abuse.
4. If an admin is caught spawning items for illegitimate reasons their Main, alt account and ip will be banned permanently.
5. As a Staff member it is your duty to put at least 1/3 of your play time into managing the server. If you're not helping enough you'll be removed.
6. As a Staff member you're expected to maintain a respectful attitude even while playing on an alt account. ​ If you feel you can follow these guidelines and want to help, fill out a staff application! (All accepted applicants start as Moderator)

Staff members marked with ✪ are Global staff. Meaning they maintain both Arma2 & Standalone servers.

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